Lifestyle Uses

Use SWIFF Spray on anything to get the protection you need!


Perfect for gym shirts, yoga pants, socks, golf clothes, base layers for winter and hiking activities, or anything else you sweat in!

Business Clothes

Perfect for undershirts, dress shirts, suits, coats, blouses and anything else, so you can stay fresh in the office or on the go! Spray the insides of coats and suits for the best results.

Sheets and Pillows

Are you a night sweater? SWIFF Spray is perfect for keeping your sheets and pillows smelling fresh!

Upholstery and Carpets

Messy kids or pets? SWIFF is perfect for fabrics that they regularly come into contact with!

Toys, Plushies, Bibs, and Blankets

Babies are cute, but some of their smells are NOT! SWIFF is perfect for protecting all the things that you and your baby cherish.

Pet Beds

Perfect for protecting your fur baby's bed! Just remember to apply SWIFF after you wash it, so the long-lasting protection can be locked in.


They might be far from our noses, but stinky shoes can pack an olfactory punch! SWIFF is perfect for anything you wear, including your shoes, socks, boots, and everything else that goes on your feet.

Yoga Mats

There's nothing worse than stretching on a stinky mat. While you're trying to get peace of mind you have to worry about those germs that cause odors. SWIFF is perfect for your personal mat!

And So Much More!

This list could go on forever, but we're stopping it here. If you have tried SWIFF on something that you want to add to the list, let us know and we'll give you credit and send you some Sniffy Treats!