SWIFF Spray: Kill existing odors and prevent future smells!

Is SWIFF made in America?

Yes! SWIFF is made in America and was designed and created in Japan at the University of Tokyo. It's the best of both worlds.

How much is shipping & handling?

Shipping is free in the US for now! Everywhere else is a flat rate of $10. 

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

We do, we're so confident you'll love SWIFF that we'll refund you if you're not satisfied after using SWIFF. Take the SWIFF Challenge and if you can't smell the difference, we'll send you a refund.

Is SWIFF hypoallergenic?

Yes! SWIFF is hypoallergenic, as are all the ingredients. That means there are no allergens in the formulation: No peanut, soy, milk, dairy, egg, wheat, nut protein, fish, or shellfish!

Is SWIFF aluminum free?

Yes! SWIFF does not contain any aluminum; it’s just two safe natural ingredients.

How long is the shelf-life of SWIFF

SWIFF lasts almost indefinitely, but we encourage you to use your bottle within 12 months of purchasing. Some discoloration of the nozzles can occur after spraying, when bottles are left for a long period of time. Rest assured, the liquid inside of the bottle is unchanged and the product will work normally without discoloring your objects. If the liquid inside the chamber is brown, leaking between the two chambers may have occurred. The odor neutralization and odor protection properties of SWIFF will still work as intended, but some discoloration of white fabrics can occur, so please be careful.

Is Silver safe?

Yes! Silver is completely safe for humans and has been used for over 6000 years as a medicinal antimicrobial. It's actually one of the safest metals in existence as it doesn't interact with really anything in our body. Read more about the safety of silver from this Dartmouth University explainer here.

Can I take SWIFF on an airplane?

Yes! The total volume is 30 mL, far below the 100 mL maximum allowed by TSA in the US. Moreover, it’s water-based, non-flammable, non-toxic, and has no VOCs, parabens, accelerants, or fragrances. Like any closed bottle, cabin pressure can cause leakage, so give it a quick check after take-off and landing. 

How many washes does SWIFF last?

Many washes! But we recommend re-applying after 5 washes or if your clothes start to smell again. 

Is SWIFF really eco-friendly?

Yes! The organic plant antioxidant naturally occurs in healthy foods and drinks like chocolate and wine. The amount of silver in the coatings only harms odor-causers and is millions of times less than what would be needed to harm a single fish.

Additionally, unlike other sprays, we don't use any propellants and volatiles. Not only are these harmful to us and the environment, they can pose health issues for pets, too (especially birds!).

Does SWIFF smell?

SWIFF has no smell after drying and is fragrance free. The plant antioxidant has a faint smell of grapes (or wine, as both are high in plant antioxidants), but normally only our mascot Sniffy can smell that. Dried, you and your clothes are odorless.

Does SWIFF mask my pheromones?

Your pheromones are fine, as they're caused by your body. SWIFF protects against the odors coming from things living on your body.

How do I apply SWIFF to white clothes and will it stain?

SWIFF has been tested on white silk, white cotton, white polyester, and untreated leather amongst other fabrics and we have not seen any staining yet. Apply SWIFF normally, just be sure to not over-apply, and if you are really worried rinse SWIFF off 5 min after application. 

How does SWIFF stick to fabrics?

The colorless plant antioxidants stick to any surface on the molecular level, and hold the silver in place so that the coatings can have long-lasting antimicrobial activity.

Why is silver considered antimicrobial?

Silver has been used for thousands of years as an antimicrobial agent as it is naturally available and relatively abundant. It was only with the advent of synthetic antimicrobial agents that it fell out of favor. However, it has recently re-emerged for use, especially for killing odor-causing microbes, because it is safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and doesn't lead to antimicrobial resistance. You can read more about it on our blog.

Should I wipe the nozzles after spraying?

It's a good idea to wipe both nozzles once you fully finish spraying something. This removes any residual plant antioxidant and silver so they don't clog or discolor the nozzles.

What happens if I spray dirty clothes instead of clean clothes?

SWIFF will end up coating the dirt, oil, and microbes on your clothes instead of coating the fabrics. This means SWIFF will wash off faster as these nasty things are washed off. That's why we recommend spraying clean clothes!

How can I remove SWIFF from a surface quickly?

If you really need to quickly get SWIFF off a solid surface like metal, ceramic, or glass, use soap, water, and a sponge. If you need to remove it from a porous surface like fabric, treat it with your stain-remover of choice as those will break down the plant antioxidant. Otherwise, SWIFF gradually comes off after multiple washings as the cloth fibers fray and wash off a little during each wash.

Can I spray SWIFF on my skin?

If you are wearing a tank-top, or going shirtless at the gym, you can spray SWIFF directly on your skin and get the same anti-odor effects. It won't wash off from your sweat, but will wash off skin with vigorous washing with soap and water.

How do I participate in SWIFF's rewards program?

In order to join, just click “Create a store account.” Once your account is ready, everything you do on our store earns points (Sniffy Treats - named for our mascot, Sniffy)!

How can I earn Sniffy Treats (points)?

You can earn Sniffy Treats by completing actions listed in the "Rewards" tab, like buying SWIFF, reviewing purchases, sharing our website, and plenty of other things. Just click on the “Rewards” tab to see specifics, your current Sniffy Treats, and your VIP tier.

How can I spend my Sniffy Treats?

You can spend your Sniffy Treats on discounts and gift cards. Just click on the “Rewards” tab to see everything Sniffy Treats can be redeemed for.

Does spending Sniffy Treats change my VIP tier?

You will always be moving towards the next VIP tier! This is determined by the total number of Sniffy Treats you have accumulated. Using Sniffy Treats doesn't negatively impact you, it only gets you more discounts.