The SWIFF Challenge

See why everyone loves us by taking the SWIFF Challenge!

No one likes having smelly pits, and lots of natural deodorants promise all sorts of great results if you just stick with them for a few more months. But here at SWIFF we promise results immediately. So we set up the SWIFF Challenge for you to see for yourself.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Spray the left armpit of a clean shirt with SWIFF, but leave the right armpit unsprayed.

2) Wear the shirt and go do your thing. Work up a sweat or just lounge abut all day.

3) Take a whiff of your shirt at the end of the day and smell the difference between your left and right armpits. Better yet, give your shirt to a friend or family member and have them smell for you.

4) We guarantee you will smell the difference or your money back!

That's it, the SWIFF Challenge is really that easy. You can even watch our short video below to see the challenge in action:

If you really want to have fun, film yourself doing the SWIFF Challenge and tag us on social media!