The Antimicrobial Activity of Silver and Plant Antioxidants

The power of SWIFF lies in the combination of plant antioxidants and silver, both identified as antimicrobial agents thousands of years ago.

Plant Antioxidants (Gallnut Extract)

Environmentally friendly plant antioxidants are found in super foods and are organic and non-toxic. These antioxidants, like the gallnut extract we use, have been used for over 8000 years in wine and beer production and to preserve clothing (think leather). Recently, we found that these plant antioxidants stick really well to every surface which means SWIFF will last numerous washes. 


Silver is our other ingredient and has been used as an antimicrobial agent for over 6000 years. Silver is special, as it is incredibly safe for humans, animals, and plants but destroys fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Recently, silver has regained new popularity as an antimicrobial odor-neutralizer for clothing, but there hasn’t been a way to apply silver to your own clothes until SWIFF!

Together, plant antioxidants and silver make SWIFF the perfect coating. Take the SWIFF Challenge and see for yourself!