Our Big Goal for SWIFF - A household name in under 10 years.


Recently we got asked to do a brief interview on our Big Hairy Audacious Goal for SWIFF. Here's our excerpt that can be found at 30 Entrepreneurs Describe The Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) For Their Business - Hearpreneur (ceoblognation.com):

"Our is to turn our business into a household name in 10 years, and make it the only name in the odor-protection space! To be a household name, we have to outcompete deodorants, fabric fresheners, and other such products, which is no easy feat. But we created our products from the best science and best ingredients from nature, and the performance is unrivaled, so it's now a matter of drive. Our view is that by getting our products into the hands of consumers, they will see the difference."

This has been a key goal for SWIFF since before we launched when we were discussing our branding strategy with CourtneyKimStudios. To be a household name, our brand had to be on point, but just as importantly, our product had to fix a big pain point for anyone and everyone. Luckily, our science is all validated and our branding is perfect. We might even be a household name in 5 years, only time will tell.