How SWIFF Came to Be

Many people don't know that it normally takes 10 years for a breakthrough discovery to start benefitting the public. We did it in 8 years!

I invented plant antioxidant and metal coatings in 2013 with my friend Prof. Ejima (Scientific advisor to SWIFF). We published our research on this in the most prestigious academic journal in the world, Science. Because until our discovery, there was no way to safely, easily, and rapidly coat any object. Since then, we have published more than 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers on this topic and travelled the world giving presentations on it. This is more science than most researchers do in their entire lives!

Always the researcher, after testing SWIFF in the lab against different nasties (you can read our here), I tested SWIFF on my own clothes. Why? Well, my wife, Susanna Chan Richardson (the other Founder of SWIFF) told me I was smelling after my bike ride home from work. I'm allergic to fragrances and other chemicals in deodorants and so it was hard to stay fresh by the end of the day.

My first SWIFF-coated undershirt has now gone through the wash 20+ times, and still doesn't smell after I bike to work. My favorite shirt, a sun-safe long-sleeve synthetic Nike shirt has gone 35+ washes and is still odorless after each wear! Since then I've sprayed my golf shirts, socks, bags, shoes, you name it.

Thankfully for my wife's nose, and yours in the future, the silver and antioxidants in SWIFF can coat any material and continually neutralize odor-causers. This keeps your workout clothes, underwear, socks, shoes, and gear smelling fresh for weeks.

-Dr. JJ Richardson, PhD