An Introduction to SWIFF!

SWIFF is the first and only spray that offers long-lasting odor protection to anything! Just spray it on clothes, sheets, plushy toys, shoes, and whatever else to stay fresh anytime, anywhere.

A single bottle of SWIFF can coat the armpits of 15+ shirts, and the odor protection lasts for at 5+ washes. This means months of odor protection from a single bottle!

Designed with the best components from nature and tested in hot and humid cities around the word, SWIFF is a step forward in personal hygiene and sustainability.

Only 2 ingredients, can you believe that? Gallnut extract and silver ions are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and sustainable, so SWIFF is safe for you and the environment. A decade of research on plant antioxidants has led to this perfect colorless and odorless spray that can stick to any surface and last through the wash. And 6000 years of history has identified silver ions as the best route for stopping odor-causers.

Stop smearing chemical-laden deodorant and antiperspirants all over your armpits and private parts, and spray SWIFF on your clothes instead. No need for anymore “fabric fresheners” that just mask the smell with unpronounceable synthetic fragrances, get SWIFF to truly stay fresh.

Don't believe it works and don't believe our reviews? Take the SWIFF Challenge: spray the left armpit of your shirt, but not the right, and do the sniff test at the end of the day. We guarantee the left armpit will smell MUCH fresher than the right, or your money back!