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Backed by Science

Our antimicrobial spray is scientifically proven to stop the germs that cause odors.

Organic & Plant Based

Using plant polyphenols to eliminate AND prevent odors.

Safe for Babies & Pets

Contains no synthetic chemicals, no parabens and is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

Lasts 5+ Washes

Anything you spray will stay effective for at least 5 washes.

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From Our Customers


Love it!

I bought SWIFF to use on an overseas trip. I wanted to be able to wear my shirts more than once without having to wash them. I tested SWIFF by spraying a shirt and then wearing iton an 18 mile bike ride on a warm day. I did this 3 times without washing the shirt and it still smelled fresh. I was able to cut down on the number of shirts I took on my trip and I wore each twice. I didn't do laundry and I smelled great.

Nancy A.
March 3, 2023

More please!!

This stuff is great!! Totally made a difference in my workout clothes - especially poly blends that are supposed to wick moisture (but definitely not odor)!My only complaint is that I wish the bottle was bigger - I definitely need to keep this as a staple amongst my laundry products.

Mark S.
July 9, 2022

Best Product Discovery of the Year

Totally obssessed with SWIFF spray. Very surprised at how well it works. I sprayed some tshirts that no matter what I do always smell at the end of the day. I sprayed Swiff and hadNO SMELL at all even after a wash. I've been telling all my friends about this product. On top of it, their customer service is amazing, very kind people. I highly recommend this to anyone!

Dominique L.
June 21, 2022

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Clothes Apparel

When washing doesn't get rid of the bad smell, SWIFF can get the job done.

Gym Gear

Protect yourself and others from sweaty germs and body odor.

Towels & Bedding

Sleep easy knowing that the germs from skin and sweat are taken care of.

Furniture Upholstery

When you can't wash it frequently enough, know that you are still protected from germs and odors.
Upholstery, pillows, sheets, and pet beds can all be protected with SWIFF.
Its is as easy as 1, 2, SWIFF. Then you're protected from odors for days.
SWIFF has not chemicals and uses natural, organic, and hypoallergenic ingredients.
SWIFF is long-lasting, and lasts at least 5 washes and can even last 50+ washes on some fabrics.d
SWIFF is proudly made in USA!
The SWIFF team staying fresh, Dr. JJ Richardson, Susanna Chan Richardson, and TJ!

Family-Run Start Up

Dr. JJ Richardson discovered a new antibacterial coating in his lab and his wife Susanna Richardson turned this discovery into an easy-to-use household product. Their son, and expert germ-spreader, TJ, tested all the spray bottles!